DH Lawrence 1885 - 1930

Lawrence View from Walker Street
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Eastwood's DH Lawrence Statue Fund

The Campaign to get a statue of DH Lawrence for his birthplace at Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, is the birthplace of DH Lawrence, and has a museum dedicated to him in the house where he was born, but Eastwood doesn't have a statue of him, we hope to change that with your help.

At the moment, this is more a collection of ideas than a campaign, to see what the people of Eastwood, and possibly around the World, would like to see if an often called for statue of DH Lawrence was to be created, and erected in Eastwood. What we would really like is a very rich fan of DH Lawrence to pay for the statue, but if that is not possible, several less rich people to join together and help us with the funding.

My personal preference for a statue of Lawrence would be for the statue to depict him in his younger years, (before he had the beard), to represent him nearer to how he would have looked when he was still living in, or having just left Eastwood, possibly based on the photo below. Perhaps sitting by a tree writing notes, or reading a book. Another great suggestion is to have Lawrence sitting on a bench, or perhaps a low wall, reading a book, so visitors can sit beside him, and have their photographs taken with him.

DH Lawrence in his younger years with a moustache

Here is an example that could be used of DH Lawrence sitting on a bench, in a typical pose with his hat, just to give an idea of what a similar statue of Lawrence could look like.

DH Lawrence sitting with Frieda

People from all over the world have visited DH Lawrence's birthplace, at Eastwood, including relatives of both DH Lawrence, and Freida Von Richtofen. A number of notable writers, artists, and playwrights have also visited, and Eastwood has been the location for two major films, televised dramas and documentaries. We think it is time that Eastwood had a statue of DH Lawrence to boast about, a statue that can be seen, and photographed by everyone who visits, which in turn will spread the word about DH Lawrence, and Eastwood, helping to bring in more visitors to the area to view our new statue, and help the economy of our struggling town.

More details below about how you can help.

What we now need:-

Most importantly, someone in authority, preferably from a local Council, institution, or body, to set up and run an account for the statue funds.

A sculptor, designer, artist, to design and create the statue.

An estimated cost of a life size bronze statue. (£50,000 plus?)

A site in Eastwood to put the statue on, (see below).

Support from other related organisations.

Fund raisers.




A possible site for the statue of DH Lawrence, in front of Eastwood Library?

In my opinion, this would provide the perfect location for the DH Lawrence statue, with the statue sited near to, or replacing, the tree on the left, (see the image below). Some people have expressed concerns that positioning the statue there might mean the removal of a tree, but that tree could be replanted to the left of the patio, if possible, or if not, another tree could be planted to the left of the patio in its place. The reason for this is that the statue of DH Lawrence would then be directly overlooking the phoenix patio area in front of him, creating an amazing visitor's attraction for many years to come. The land to the front of the Eastwood Library is probably owned by the Council, so placing the statue there would keep costs to a minimum as no land would need to be purchased for the statue.

That patio area is sometimes used as a stage for entertainment purposes, which is what makes having the statue directly behind it so appealing. It would also have the advantage that people taking photographs of any entertainment provided on that patio would probably have the DH Lawrence statue in the background, further promoting Eastwood and DH Lawrence when those photographs are shared on social media, but if the suggestion of a bench, with Lawrence sitting on it, was adopted, there would be a lot more photo opportunities. If the statue was placed in the middle of that patio area, (as some have suggested), it would prevent, or severely limit, that area being used as a stage.

Eastwood Library Possible site for DH Lawrence Statue

Please contact via email if you have any suggestions, or feel you can help.



Sponsors of the DH Lawrence Statue for Eastwood

Sponsors will be listed here, (if agreeable).


The D.H. Lawrence Statue situated on the Nottingham University Campus

Nottingham University has a very impressive life size statue of DH Lawrence, (see below), but that statue is quite a distance away from Eastwood, and on the private grounds of the University. It is time for Eastwood to be able to boast about its own statue of DH Lawrence.

The Lawrence Statue at Nottingham University
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