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Durban House Heritage Centre - Sadly, now closed.

Durban House
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This page has been left on as a historical record, the centre is no longer a museum, and it has no exhibits.

The house still exists, and is situated on Mansfield Road, at Eastwood, on the corner of the junction with Greenhills Road, it is only a short walk from D.H. Lawrence's birthplace, and Eastwood's town centre.

Durban House was built in 1896, for The Barber Walker mining company, and was once the wages offices for Brinsley Colliery, the colliery where D.H. Lawrence's father worked. This is where young Bert Lawrence would call and collect his fathers pay packet. The house was then turned into a mining officials institute, with a concert hall, billiard table, and library, before being converted into flats, after the flats were closed down, the house stood derelict for several years.

Durban House had been fully renovated, and reopened in 1998 as a museum, but it is now closed.