Walker Street School - Gladys Aylward's visit in 1963.

Gladys Aylward is seen here visiting the school on the 10th. October 1963. She is pictured outside the school's main entrance holding 'Gordon', thought to be a Chinese orphan, along with Mr. Coates, headmaster. I can find no further mention of Gordon associated with Gladys Aylward, it would be interesting to know what became of him.

Gladys Aylward 1963

Photo supplied by Georgina Clarke.

Gladys Aylward was born in Edmonton, London, in 1902, and her early life was spent in domestic service, working as a maid, but she was later to become famous as a missionary working in China. In 1957, Alan Burgess wrote his book, 'The Small Woman', about her life in China, and the book was then made into the film, 'The Inn of the Sixth Happiness', which was released in 1958. Sadly, Gladys Aylward died in January 1970, less than 7 years after visiting the school.

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