Walker Street School - Other Activities.

School Choir 1963.

1963 School Choir

Photo supplied by Eileen Wingfield.

School Choir 1961.

1961 School Choir

Top Row - L - R, (guesses in brackets). ??, Susan Messam, (Jenifer Quinn), Christine Holt, Eileen Winfield, Pauline Lount, Dorothy Bull.
Middle Row. Molly Gibson, Janet Kitchen, Eddy Wysall, (Bob Wilkinson), Bill Meakin, Bill Green, Tony Purdy, (Robert Clay), Sandra Brown, Wendy Thorpe.
Bottom Row. ??, ??, June Powdrill, ??, Maureen Pulfryman, (Jane Lee), (Vicky Sinclair), Angela Watson, Ann Fletcher, Suzanne Naylor.

Photo supplied by Eileen Wingfield.

Travel Club Teachers.

Travel Club Teachers

Mr. Philips - Mr. Williams - Mr. Cotes - Mrs. Ross.

Photo supplied by Geoff Whittaker.

Recorder Group - Possibly 1961.

Recorder Group 1961

Photo supplied by Sherida Leivers.

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